How to Convert JPG to PNG on Mac

When it comes to manipulating image files on a Mac, you’ve got a variety of tools at your disposal. One often overlooked but incredibly useful feature is the ability to quickly convert image files from one format to another without needing to download additional software.

In this blog post, we’re focusing on how to convert a JPEG (JPG) file to a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) file.

What are JPEG and PNG file formats?

Before we dive into the conversion process, it’s important to understand what these file formats are and when it’s best to use each one.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a widely used compressed image format. The compression process reduces file size, which can make JPEGs ideal for web use. However, this compression can also lead to a loss in image quality if done excessively.

On the other hand, PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a lossless image format, meaning it doesn’t lose quality with compression. PNGs also support transparent backgrounds, which can be essential for specific design or web use cases.

How to Convert JPG to PNG on a Mac

There are several ways to convert a .jpg file to a .png file on a Mac. However, the most straightforward and often most efficient way to do this is using the built-in Quick Actions in Finder. Here’s how:

Using Quick Actions in Finder

  • Open Finder and navigate to the JPG image file you wish to convert.
  • Right-click (or Control-click) the file to open the contextual menu.
  • From the contextual menu, hover over the Quick Actions option. This will open a secondary menu.
  • In the secondary menu, select the Convert Image option.
  • A dialog box will appear, providing various settings for your image conversion. In the Format dropdown, select PNG.
  • Finally, click on the Convert to PNG button. Your file will be converted and saved in the same location as the original JPG image.
jpeg to png on mac

It’s as simple as that! Now, your image is in PNG format with all its quality preserved and possibly with a transparent background, depending on the image.

In this post, we’ve covered why you might need to convert a .jpg file to a .png file and the easiest way to do so on a Mac using Quick Actions. This handy tool not only simplifies the process but also saves you from downloading additional software.

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