How to Go to Home Folder on Mac

Sometimes, you need to navigate to the Home folder to make some system-specific changes. If you are a new Mac user you may find it difficult to go to the Home folder, that is, the root folder. Let’s check how to navigate to the Home folder on Mac easily. Firstly, open your Finder app. Then … Read more

How to Show Hidden Folders and Files on Mac

As you are aware, there are certain folders and files on the computer that are hidden from view. These files and folders can include system files, configuration files, and even user-created files. In this tutorial, we will explain how to easily reveal hidden folders and files on your Mac. Whether you need to access a … Read more

How to Check RAM Usage on Mac

If you are using memory-intensive apps on your Mac then you may always want to check its RAM consumption. In this MacOS tutorial, we will cover how to see RAM usage details on Mac easily. First of all, search for Activity Monitor app from your launchpad or Applications folder. Launch Activity Monitor and click on … Read more

How to Change your Default Browser on Mac

Every internet user has a favorite web browser. Most Mac users prefer Safari as their default browser. There are exceptions who like to use popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc. Let’s check how to change the default browser on Mac easily in this short tutorial. Firstly, click on the apple icon from … Read more

How to Check Free Hard Drive Memory of Mac

It’s always important to have an eye on the free Hard disk memory of your Mac. Some big apps tend to eat a huge chunk of your hard disk memory and you will realize things only when your Mac begins to work slowly. This short Mac tutorial helps you to check the free hard drive … Read more

How to Create a File using Terminal on Mac

Having some command-line knowledge is always helpful for PC users. Let’s check how to create a file using the command line on Mac in this short tutorial. You can create a new file using the touch command. Just navigate to your preferred location and open the terminal from there. For example, you can create a … Read more

How to Check Warranty Status of your Mac

When coming to PCs, knowing the warranty status is very important. Let’s check how to check the warranty status of your Mac in this short tutorial. Click on the Apple icon placed at the left top of your Mac. Then click on About This Mac option. See the screenshot given below. This will open up … Read more

How to Check Version of your Mac

It’s important to know the version of your Mac. It lets you know whether you are using an outdated macOS version. Knowing the version helps you to troubleshoot OS-related issues. Let’s see how to check the macOS version of your device. The easy way is to click on the apple icon at the top left … Read more

How to Take Screenshots on Mac

Screenshots are very helpful to capture any information from your screen visually. In this Mac tutorial, let’s check how to take a screenshot on Mac OS. The first method is to use a keyboard shortcut. You can take screenshots on MAC by using the keyboard shortcut shift + command + 3 and the screenshot will … Read more