How to Split Notion Page into Columns

Notion is a powerful tool that allows you to organize your life and projects in various ways. One feature that can significantly improve your Notion experience is the ability to split pages into columns. This can make your Notion workspace more visually appealing and easier to navigate.

In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the process of dividing a Notion page into columns, making your pages more organized and efficient.

What is a Column in Notion?

A column in Notion is a vertical section of a page where you can place various types of content, such as text, tables, and images. Columns allow you to segregate information, making it easier to locate and read.

Creating Columns: The Basic Steps

Open Your Notion Page

Open the Notion page where you want to create columns. Make sure you have editing permissions for the page.

Add Column Block

Click anywhere on the page to add a new block. Type “/” and search for column. You can also use the + button.

Choose Column

Choose any column that matches your requirements.

Notion page column

Real-World Examples of Using Columns

Content Outline

If you are creating an outline for a blog post or presentation, you could use one column for the main points and another for sub-points or details.

Project Planning

In a project planning page, you could have one column for tasks, another for deadlines, and a third for assigned team members.

Visual Content

You can use columns to side-by-side compare images, videos, or any other visual content, making it easier to analyze.

Splitting a Notion page into columns is a simple yet powerful way to organize your content. Whether it’s for project planning, content creation, or just better visualization, columns can significantly enhance your Notion experience.

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