How to Add Bold Text in Obsidian Notes

One of the simplest but most impactful ways to emphasize text in Obsidian is by making it bold. Though it seems basic, using bold text strategically can greatly improve the readability and organization of your notes.

This blog post aims to guide you through the various methods and best practices for making text bold in Obsidian.

Why Use Bold Text?

Before getting into the how-to, let’s discuss the ‘why.’ Bold text catches the eye and highlights important points. It’s a quick way to emphasize titles, headings, keywords, or any critical information that you don’t want to miss.

Ways to Make Text Bold

Using Markdown Syntax

Open a Note

Start by opening an Obsidian note where you wish to add bold text.

Locate the Text

Find the text you want to make bold.

Add Asterisks

Surround the text you want bolded with double asterisks **. For example, **This is bold text** will render as This is bold text.

obsidian bold text

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Open a Note

Open the Obsidian note in which you want to include bold text.

Highlight the Text

Use your mouse to highlight the specific text you want to make bold.

Use the Shortcut

Press Ctrl + B on Windows or Cmd + B on Mac. The highlighted text will automatically become bold.

Using the Toolbar (Obsidian Mobile)

Open a Note

Open your desired Obsidian note on the mobile app.

Highlight the Text

Tap and hold to highlight the text you want to make bold.

Tap the “B” Icon

Once the text is highlighted, you’ll see a toolbar appear at the top. Tap on the “B” icon to make the text bold.

Best Practices for Using Bold Text

  • Don’t overuse bold text; it should be used to emphasize points, not entire paragraphs.
  • Use bold text in conjunction with other formatting tools like bullet points or tables to create organized and visually appealing notes.
  • In long notes, consider using bold text for sub-headings or key terms to make skimming easier.

Using bold text in Obsidian is not just about making your notes look good; it’s also about making them more functional. Whether you’re adding emphasis to a single word or a whole phrase, making text bold can enhance your Obsidian note-taking experience.

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