How to Link Apple Notes to Calendar on Mac

Are you juggling between your Notes and Calendar apps on your Mac to stay on top of your tasks and appointments? Let’s simplify this process. By linking your Apple Notes to your Calendar, you can create a seamless organization system.

Here’s how to make the two work in harmony for an efficient workflow.

The Convenience of Integration

Before diving into the steps, let’s talk about why this integration is a game-changer. Linking your notes to specific calendar events means you can access meeting agendas, project ideas, or to-do lists directly from your Calendar.

This integration streamlines your planning and ensures that all related information is at your fingertips exactly when you need it. Follow the steps given below.

Open Apple Notes

Start by launching the Notes app on your Mac. You can find it in your Applications folder, or you can use Spotlight search by pressing Command + Space and typing “Notes”.

Select or Create a Note

Choose the note you want to link to a calendar event. If you need to make a new note, click the ‘New Note’ button at the bottom right of the app window.

Access the Share Button

With your note open, look at the top of the screen for a button with a box and an upward arrow — that’s the share button. Click on it.

apple notes share

Copy the Note Link

From the options presented, choose ‘Copy Link’. This will copy a link to your note to your clipboard, ready to be pasted elsewhere.

apple notes link calendar

Open Calendar

Now, open your Calendar app. Double-click on the date you want to link the note to, which will open a new event window.

Paste the Note Link

In this new event, you’ll see a section for ‘notes’. Click there and paste the link to your note. This embeds the link directly into your Calendar event.

apple notes in calendar

Finalize Your Event

After pasting the link, set your event’s details such as title, time, and alerts. Once everything is set up to your liking, save the event.

Access Your Notes from Calendar

When the time comes for your event, open the event in Calendar and click on the link in the notes section. This will take you straight to the related note in Apple Notes.

Linking Apple Notes to your Calendar on Mac is a straightforward process that brings a wealth of benefits to your organizational habits. It keeps relevant information just a click away from your scheduled events, enhancing your productivity.

Give it a try and see how this small change can make a big difference in your daily routine.

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