Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Apple Notes

Whether you’re jotting down quick thoughts, capturing meeting minutes, or outlining a project plan, keyboard shortcuts can significantly enhance your efficiency in Apple Notes.

This blog post is about essential keyboard shortcuts that can help your note-taking process on your Mac.

Why Use Keyboard Shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts in Apple Notes can:

  • Speed up common tasks.
  • Keep your hands on the keyboard, reducing reliance on the mouse or trackpad.
  • Improve your workflow by allowing quick formatting and navigation.

Fundamental Keyboard Shortcuts for Apple Notes

Basic Navigation and Actions

  • Create a new note: Command + N
  • Create a new folder: Shift + Command + N
  • Delete the selected note: Delete
  • Hide or show the Folders list: Option + Command + S
  • Find within Notes: Command + F
  • Duplicate Note: Command + D

Text Formatting

  • Bold: Command + B
  • Italic: Command + I
  • Underline: Command + U
  • Increase font size: Command + Plus (+)
  • Decrease font size: Command + Minus (-)

List Creation and Management

  • Create a checklist: Shift + Command + L
  • Create a bulleted list: Shift + Command + 7
  • Create a dashed list: Shift + Command + 8
  • Create a numbered list: Shift + Command + 9
  • Create Heading: Shift + Command + H
  • Create Subheading: Shift + Command + J
  • Indent right: Tab
  • Indent left: Shift + Tab

Misc Shortcuts

  • Attach a file: Shift + Command + A
  • Search notes: Command + Option + F
  • Create block quote: Command + '
  • Settings: Command + ,

Maximize Shortcuts in Your Workflow

To really benefit from these shortcuts, try incorporating them into your regular note-taking habits. Practice using them until they become second nature, and you’ll find that managing your notes becomes faster and more intuitive.

Apple Notes, coupled with the power of keyboard shortcuts, is a formidable tool for capturing and organizing information efficiently. By familiarizing yourself with these shortcuts, you can transform your note-taking into a smooth, streamlined process that saves you time and effort.

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