How to Link Apple Notes to Reminders on Mac

Keeping track of your important notes and to-dos is crucial for staying organized. If you’re a Mac user, you have a powerful tool at your disposal — the ability to link Apple Notes with Reminders.

This feature is especially handy when you want to turn the content of a note into an actionable item. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process step by step.

Open Apple Notes

First things first, open the Notes app on your Mac. You can find it on your Dock, or you can search for it using Spotlight (press Command + Space and start typing “Notes”).

Select the Note

Look through your list of notes and click on the one you want to link to a reminder. If the note you need doesn’t exist yet, now is the time to create it by clicking on the ‘New Note’ button.

Click the Share Button

With your note open, look for the ‘Share’ button. This icon typically looks like a square with an upward arrow and is located at the top of your Notes window. Click on it to reveal sharing options.

apple notes share

Select ‘Send a Copy’

Once you’ve clicked the share button, a window with dropdown menu will appear. Here, you’ll see various sharing options. Select ‘Send a Copy’.

Choose Reminder from the List

After selecting ‘Send a Copy,’ you’ll have different apps to share your note with. Scroll. Find ‘Reminders,’ and then click it.

apple notes link reminders

Add the Note to Reminder

Now, the Reminders app will open a new reminder with the content of your note. Here, you can:

  • Title your reminder: Give it a name that will help you recognize it at a glance.
  • Set a deadline: Choose a date and time for when this reminder should alert you.
  • Organize it: Decide which list this reminder belongs to, for better categorization.

Once you’re happy with your reminder, click ‘Add’ to save it.

apple notes with reminders

Linking notes to reminders is a great way to ensure that you never overlook a task. By following the steps outlined above, you can turn your notes into reminders that will prompt you when it’s time to act on them.

This integration is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your productivity and ensure that your great ideas don’t just stay tucked away in your notes.

If you want to link apple notes with the calendar, see this blog post.

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