How to Translate Web Pages in Microsoft Edge

Navigating websites in languages you’re not familiar with can be a cumbersome experience. Fortunately, Microsoft Edge has a built-in feature that allows you to translate web pages easily.

This blog post will guide you through the simple steps to translate web pages in Microsoft Edge.

What is the Translation Feature in Microsoft Edge?

The translation feature in Microsoft Edge enables you to convert the text on a web page from one language to another instantly. Whether you’re reading an article, shopping, or working, this feature helps you overcome language barriers.

Steps to Translate Web Pages

Open Microsoft Edge

Firstly, open your Microsoft Edge browser. Navigate to the web page you’d like to translate.

Look for the Translate Icon

Upon arriving at a page written in a language different from your default, Microsoft Edge will automatically display a translate icon in the address bar. This icon looks like some mixed letters.

Click on the Translate Icon

Click on the translate icon. A pop-up will appear offering to translate the page.

microsoft edge translate

Choose the Target Language

You will be given the option to select the language into which you wish to translate the page. Choose your desired language from the dropdown menu.

Confirm Translation

Once you’ve selected the target language, click on the ‘Translate’ button. The web page will then be translated into the language you’ve chosen.

Manual Translation (Optional)

If the translate icon doesn’t automatically appear, you can right-click anywhere on the page and select the ‘Translate’ option from the context menu.

edge browser translate

Benefits of Using the Translation Feature

  • Accessibility: Makes foreign language content easily understandable.
  • Convenience: No need for third-party apps or copy-pasting text into a separate translator.
  • Speed: The translation is quick, allowing for a seamless browsing experience.

The ability to translate web pages directly within Microsoft Edge is a feature that can make your life a lot easier. Whether for work or leisure, it breaks down language barriers and opens up a wealth of information that you might otherwise miss out on. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be reading in your chosen language in no time.

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