How to Mirror Your Android Phone using Scrcpy on Ubuntu PC

Want to operate your mobile phone on your PC? Then you are in the right place. Here, I am showing you how to mirror your Android phone using Scrcpy on Ubuntu.

Firstly, there are few prerequisites.

  • Your phone should be connected by USB cable.
  • Enable ADB Debugging on your device.
  • Some devices may need this additional optional to be enabled so that the mouse and keyboard control works properly.
  • Your Android device must be Android lollipop or above.

How to Install Scrcpy on Ubuntu

Installing Scrcpy on Ubuntu 20.04 is pretty easy. Open your terminal and execute the following command.

sudo apt install scrcpy

The Scrcpy app will be installed on your PC.

How to use Scrcpy on Ubuntu

  • Connect your Android device with a USB cable.
  • Open your terminal and execute the command scrcpy as given below.

Now you can see your device on your desktop and you can work on it.

I hope this tutorial on how to mirror Android device on Ubuntu will be helpful for you.

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