How I Fixed Gimp Crash Issue on Ubuntu 20.04

I usually install apps from Ubuntu Software on my PC(i.e. snap store). Gimp is one of my favorite apps on Ubuntu. I installed Gimp from Ubuntu Software and it was working properly.

Recently, I noticed an issue with Gimp. The Gimp automatically closes (or crashes) at the time of launching. This made the app useless for me.

I tried launching Gimp with the terminal got the following error.

(gimp:81179): GLib-ERROR **: 15:12:20.229: ../../../../glib/gmem.c:333: overflow allocating 18446744073709551615*18446744073709551615 bytes

See the complete screenshot below.

I searched for solutions but results weren’t satisfactory.

But I found out the solution by myself.

Firstly, I uninstalled the app from my PC by going into Ubuntu Software. Then I enabled Flatpak on my PC. After that, I opened my terminal and executed the following command.

flatpak install flathub org.gimp.GIMP

This installed Gimp on my Ubuntu again. I launched the app and it started to work properly.

I hope this Gimp crash on launching issue fix will be helpful to you.

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