How to Add Bullet Points in Apple Notes

Bullet points are an essential part of organizing text, especially in note-taking apps. They help you break down information into digestible parts. Apple Notes offers a straightforward yet feature-rich bullet-point system that can make your notes cleaner and easier to navigate.

In this blog post, I will guide you through using and mastering bullet points in Apple Notes.

The Importance of Bullet Points

Let’s first delve into why bullet points are useful:

  • Structure: Bullet points help structure your information logically.
  • Readability: They make your notes easier to skim and digest.
  • Focus: Using bullet points can help you focus on key elements of your notes.

Create Bullet Points on macOS

If you’re using Apple Notes on a Mac, adding bullet points is straightforward.

  • Go to the Note: Open the note in which you want to create bullet points.
  • Toolbar Option: Tap the ‘Aa’ symbol on the toolbar above the keyboard and choose the bullet point option.
apple notes bullet points

The easiest way to start a bullet-point list is by typing * followed by a space.

Nested Bullet Points

Apple Notes allows you to create nested bullet points for more complex lists. On macOS, you can use the ‘Tab’ key to indent a bullet point.

    Customize Bullet Points

    Apple Notes offers some basic customization for bullet points:

    • Change Symbols: You can switch between regular bullets, dashes, or numbers.
    • Color and Size: While you can’t directly change the bullet point’s color or size, changing the text settings will also affect the bullet points.

    Convert Bullet Points to Checklists

    Sometimes, you might want to turn your bullet points into a checklist:

    • Highlight Bullets: Highlight the bullet points you want to convert.
    • Click Checklist Icon: On macOS, click the checklist icon in the toolbar.

    Bullet points in Apple Notes are versatile, easy to use, and perfect for organizing your thoughts. Whether you’re jotting down quick ideas, creating an outline, or making a shopping list, understanding how to effectively use bullet points can significantly improve your note-taking experience.

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