How to Add Grid View in Apple Notes

Apple Notes is more than just a digital notebook; it’s a versatile tool that can be tailored to various organizational styles. One feature that enhances visual sorting and categorization is the ‘Grid View’.

This post explores how to enable and utilize the grid layout to organize your notes more effectively in Apple Notes.

What is Grid View in Apple Notes?

Grid view arranges your notes in a grid format, displaying them as tiles across the screen, rather than the traditional list view. This view can make it easier to locate notes quickly, especially when combined with visual cues like images, sketches, or color-coded tags.

How to Enable Grid View

Open Apple Notes

Launch the Apple Notes on your device.

Access the View Options

For iOS and iPadOS: Tap on the ‘Four Squares’ icon at the bottom of the screen. For macOS: Look for the ‘Grid View’ button on the toolbar – it will also resemble four squares.

Select Grid View

Tap or click on the ‘Grid View’ icon.

apple notes grid

Benefits of Using Grid View

Visual Ease

Grid view allows for a more visual representation of your notes, making it easier to distinguish between them at a glance.

Space Optimization

It maximizes the use of screen space, especially on iPads and Macs, showing more content per page.

Grid view in Apple Notes offers an alternative way to see and interact with your collection of notes. It’s especially useful for those who respond well to visual organization.

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