How to Create a Quick Note on Mac

In an era of ever-increasing data and digital interactions, effective and efficient information capture is vital. With a quick note, you can instantly jot down information, preventing any interruption to your workflow.

In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of creating a quick note and share tips for maximizing efficiency with this handy feature.

A quick note enables you to create notes on-the-fly without having to open the Notes app or switch between applications. Quick Note is also integrated with other macOS features, such as Safari, and can automatically save links and content from websites.

Create Quick Notes on Mac

Here’s how to create a quick note in macOS:

  • One way to create a Quick Note is by using the keyboard shortcut. Depending on your keyboard, press Fn + Q or Globe + Q. This action will instantly create a new quick note.
macOS quick note
  • Quick Note isn’t limited to standalone notes; it also integrates with apps like Safari. To use this feature, highlight the text or content you want to note in Safari (or any other supported app), then right-click to reveal the context menu. Choose “New Quick Note,” and macOS will create a note with the selected content.
create quick note on mac

Remember, Quick Note is a feature designed to be on-hand whenever inspiration strikes or when you encounter a piece of information worth noting. By incorporating it into your daily digital routine, you’ll experience an uptick in productivity and organizational efficiency.

In this blog post, we’ve explored how to create quick notes on Mac, a convenient feature for capturing ideas and information instantly without interrupting your current task.

By incorporating quick notes into your daily workflow, you can boost productivity and ensure you never miss important details or insights.

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