How to Create Flow Chart in Obsidian

If you’re an Obsidian user, you already know the power it offers for note-taking, project management, and knowledge organization. But did you know you can also create flow charts within Obsidian? In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

What You’ll Need

  • Obsidian software (Downloadable for free)
  • Basic understanding of Markdown syntax

Getting Started: The Basics

Mermaid.js Integration

Obsidian supports Mermaid.js, a library that allows you to create flowcharts using simple Markdown-like syntax.

Syntax Introduction

The most basic syntax to start a flow chart in Obsidian is to wrap your code with triple backticks and specify mermaid as the language, like so:


Build Your First Flow Chart

Step 1: Define Blocks

Within the backticks, you start by defining blocks. Each block represents an entity in the flowchart.


Step 2: Create Arrows

Use arrows to indicate the flow direction between blocks.

A --> B

Step 3: Combine It All

Combine the blocks and arrows to complete the flow chart.

graph TD;
A[Start] --> B[End]

This will create a simple flow chart with a start and an end point.

obsidian flow chart

Advanced Techniques

Conditional Statements

You can also add conditional statements easily.

graph TD;
A[Start] -- Yes --> B[End]
A[Start] -- No --> C[Continue]
obsidian create flowchart


Even loops can be represented.

graph TD;
A[Start] --> B[Loop] --> A
obsidian flowchart loop

Style Your Flow Chart

Obsidian and Mermaid.js also allow some basic styling to your flow chart blocks like color and border.

graph TD;
A[Start] --> B[Loop] --> A
style A fill:#f9f,stroke:#fff,stroke-width:2px

This will fill the block labeled ‘A’ with a pink color and a border.

obsidian flowchart style

Creating flow charts in Obsidian is not only possible but also incredibly straightforward thanks to Mermaid.js integration. From simple to complex, you can build a variety of flow charts to help you map out processes, thoughts, or workflows, all from within Obsidian.

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