How to Link Between Notes in Obsidian

One of Obsidian’s most powerful features is the ability to create links between notes. These links not only make your note-taking process more dynamic but also help in organizing and connecting information effectively.

This blog post aims to guide you through the various ways you can link notes in Obsidian, from basic methods to advanced techniques.

Why Linking Notes is Important

Cohesion of Ideas

Linking notes helps you build a cohesive network of ideas, where one thought effortlessly leads to another.

Improved Navigation

Having interconnected notes makes it easier to navigate through your knowledge vault, turning your Obsidian workspace into an intuitive mind map.

Enhanced Search

Linking makes your notes more searchable, as it allows you to leverage the power of backlinks and tag-based connections.

Basic Linking Techniques

The Double Bracket Method

The simplest way to link notes is by placing the note’s title inside double square brackets like [[Your Note Title]].

obsidian link between notes

Using Aliases

Obsidian allows you to customize the text that appears in a link. You can do this by using the pipe character | followed by the alias text. For example, [[Your Note Title|Alias Text]].

Advanced Linking Techniques

Block References

Obsidian offers the option to link to a specific block within a note by appending a caret ^ followed by the block ID.

Embed Notes

Want to see the contents of another note within the current one? Use the “!” before the double brackets: ![[Your Note Title]].


If you want to bring in a particular part of a note into another, use a combination of block references and note embedding, like ![[Your Note Title^BlockID]].

How to Manage Links

Backlinks Pane

The Backlinks pane shows you all the notes that link back to the current note. You can navigate to those notes with just a click.

Graph View

Obsidian’s Graph View offers a visual representation of how all your notes are connected.

Unlinked Mentions

This feature shows instances where a note’s title appears in other notes but is not linked. It’s a way to catch potential missed links.

Linking notes in Obsidian isn’t just about creating hyperlinks; it’s about weaving a rich tapestry of ideas and information. Whether you’re just jotting down random thoughts or working on a research project, knowing how to effectively link notes can revolutionize your note-taking process.

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